Reverse Umbrella - Gumnuts



Experience the essence of native Australia with our Reverse Umbrella featuring the stunning 'Australian Gumnut Flower' design. This Upsidedown Umbrella not only shields you from unpredictable weather but also showcases your refined taste and appreciation for innovative design. Whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or basking in the sun, the Reverse / Inverted Umbrella is your stylish defense against the ever-changing Australian climate.

Marvel at the brilliance of this rain and sun double-layer umbrella adorned with the captivating 'Australian Gumnut Flower' design. Its inverted design offers a convenient escape into your car, effortlessly folding into the narrowly opened car door. Bid farewell to wet car seats and damp clothes as the unique inward-folding feature traps raindrops within.

Crafted to stand tall and poised, this Reverse Umbrella exudes elegance with its gumnut flower patterns, making a bold statement as your fashionable protector. The loop handle transcends its function, serving as a fashion-forward accessory for hands-free convenience, allowing you to engage with the world around you effortlessly.

With the 'Australian Gumnut Flower' design, this inverted umbrella transforms into a vibrant canopy of botanicals when in use, captivating onlookers and brightening even the dreariest of days when folded. Engineered for resilience, the Reverse Umbrella celebrates Australia's native flora with every bloom of its canopy and every shielded step you take.


  • Stem: Hardened plastic with a metal core engineered for wind resistance.
  • Height: 80cm, designed for ample coverage.
  • Canopy Diameter: 107cm, featuring a double layer for enhanced sun resistance.
  • Weight: 460 grams of pure, stylish, rainproof innovation.
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