Takiko Bay Dining Chair - natural

$399.00 $535.00

Introducing the Takiko Bay Dining Chair—a fusion of rattan and solid wood timber legs, meticulously crafted to bring luxury resort-style living into your home. Its classic, timeless design exudes chic elegance while ensuring comfort and relaxation. Whether you're aiming for a very formal or casual ambiance, these chairs seamlessly adapt, taking on different personalities based on your styling choices.

Available in three sophisticated colours—natural, light brown, and grey wash—the Takiko Bay Dining Chairs allow you to personalize your dining space. Elevate the overall aesthetic of your room with the addition of these elegant chairs, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your dining experience.

Not limited to the dining room, these versatile chairs also serve as perfect additions to a classy home office when used as desk chairs. Embrace the flexibility of the Takiko Bay Dining Chairs, which effortlessly enhance various styles of homes. With their timeless design, these chairs become more than just furniture; they become statements of personality and style in your living space.

Immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort that these dining chairs bring to your home. Whether you're creating a formal dining setting or a casual, relaxed space, the Takiko Bay Dining Chairs are the epitome of versatile elegance, making a lasting impression on your interior decor. Choose the perfect color to suit your style and let these chairs become the focal point of sophistication in your dining and home office spaces.


  • 53cm W x 51cm D x 88cm H
  • Seat height: 45cm
  • Arm height:  58cm

Colours available: 

1. Natural on weave & timber leg with Holly White chair pad

2. Light brown on weave & timber leg with Mochaccino chair pad

3. Smoke Grey Wash on weave with Black Leg & Mochaccino chair pad

Note: seat cushions are removable for easy of recovering.

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