Scallop Armchair

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Elevate your space with the Elegance of the Scallop Chair—an exquisite creation, meticulously manufactured to meet rigorous European standards and showcased in renowned stores worldwide. This beautifully crafted masterpiece, designed for top-end brands, promises both style and substance.

A true work of art. Its sturdy metal frame and innovative design ensure durability and strength, making it a statement piece that doesn't compromise on comfort.

Ride the style wave with our trendy and youthful Scallop Chair—a chic addition that infuses vitality into any interior. Not only does it captivate with its unique design inspired by a scallop design, but it also offers superior back support and comfort for moments of complete relaxation.

The Scallop Chair is a marvel in design, echoing the graceful curves of a wave's formation. It's a showcase of style and sophistication, providing hours of luxurious comfort.

Simplicity meets elegance in this chair, where delicate roundness and curves enhance its stylish appeal.

This remarkable chair features a medium feel, striking the perfect balance between firmness and softness. Your friends and family will appreciate the just-right feel, ensuring hours of delightful seating.

The off white boucle fabric is not only easy to match with any decor but also versatile, suitable for both lounge and bedroom settings.

Seen in leading stores worldwide, the Scallop Chair is a symbol of luxury and style. Embrace its unique beauty and unparalleled comfort for your home. Redefine your space with the Scallop Chair today!"

Dimensions: W 77cm x D 82cm x H 73cm

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