Reverse Umbrella - Island Paradise


Enter a realm of bliss with Island Paradise Upside Down Umbrella. Transport yourself to a serene oasis as you lounge beneath a canopy of lush palm leaves, with the azure sky captured right beneath your umbrella. More than just a shield against rain, this Reverse Umbrella beckons you to a personal paradise where every day is sunny and every sky is blue.

Discover the features of your own piece of paradise:

  • Inverted design for a dry escape into your car, seamlessly folding into the narrowly opened car door.
  • Bid farewell to wet car seats and damp clothes with the unique inward-folding feature that traps raindrops within.
  • Stands tall and proud like a palm tree, the Island Paradise design creating a personal oasis awaiting your return, ready to whisk you away from the ordinary.
  • Transforming loop handle into a tropical accessory for your arm, leaving your hands free to capture real palm trees or hold a refreshing drink.
  • Vibrant design, a hidden treasure when closed, unfolds into a full panorama of your private island escape when opened.

Indulge in the allure of your own island paradise with the Island Paradise Reverse Umbrella.


  • Stem: Harden plastic with a metal core for resilience against tropical storms.
  • Height: A lofty 80cm to sweep you away to your island dreams.
  • Canopy diameter: A generous 107cm, as wide as the beach’s horizon.
  • Weight: A mere 460 grams, as light as a sea breeze.
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