Reverse Umbrella - Dragonfly


Introducing the Dragonfly Reverse Umbrella: a stunning fusion of style and innovation that renders traditional umbrellas obsolete. With captivating designs visible on both the outside and underside, this umbrella boasts revolutionary features that elevate your rainy day experience:

  • Reverse opening mechanism facilitates easy exit from vehicles during rain, keeping you dry as the wet side folds inward, shielding your legs.
  • Self-standing capability makes it a convenient companion while shopping, eliminating the need for leaning against surfaces.
  • Loop handle designed for effortless arm hooking, freeing your hands for essential tasks like texting or snapping Insta-worthy shots.
  • Exquisite designs adorning the underside of the umbrella create a visually captivating experience when unfurled.

Elevate your umbrella game with the Dragonfly Reverse Umbrella, where style meets functionality in perfect harmony.


Handle: C Hook Handle

Colour: Black topside with design underneath

Length: 79cm

Canopy diameter: 98cm

Weight: 530 grams

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