Natural Coral II - "Designer Boys Collections"

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Elevate your room with the exquisite Natural Coral II artwork from Designer Boys' prestigious "Seba Coral Collection." This captivating piece exudes sophistication and class, adding a touch of timeless beauty to any space. The Archival Coral Print Series is expertly printed on fine quality art paper, ensuring exceptional color reproduction and fine detail. Meticulously hand-framed, it showcases the dedication to craftsmanship that defines Designer Boys' artworks.

The Natural Coral II artwork is a result of a unique partnership between Museum Victoria and Designer Boys, drawing inspiration from illustrations published in Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri accurata descriptio, 1734 by Albertus Seba. This collaboration brings historical scientific illustrations to life, infusing your space with a sense of wonder and exploration.

Suitable for any style of home or office, the Natural Coral II artwork complements various design aesthetics. While it shines in Coastal and Hamptons-inspired spaces, its allure extends to other styles as well. The versatile nature of this piece allows it to seamlessly blend with existing decor or serve as a statement focal point, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Introducing the Natural Coral II artwork into your space offers a visual journey through history and nature. Its presence evokes a sense of elegance and appreciation for the natural world. As you embrace the sophistication and class it brings, you invite a touch of artistry and storytelling into your home or office. Let Designer Boys' Seba Coral Collection be a testament to the timeless beauty of natural wonders and the seamless integration of art into your surroundings.

Available in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and many frame options - see images

FRAMED SIZE SMALL: 550mm H x 550mm W

FRAMED SIZE MEDIUM: 700mm H x 700mm W

FRAMED SIZE LARGE: 860mm H x 860mm W


Also available in a navy coral print. 

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