Monterey Armchair

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Discover the Exceptional Quality of Our Monterey Armchair

Our Monterey Armchair stands as a testament to quality, crafted to meet rigorous European standards and distributed to prestigious retailers across the globe.

Adorning the showrooms of leading stores worldwide, this meticulously designed chair caters to top-tier brands. Its elegant form, distinguished by striking angles and lines, lends an air of sophistication to any dining or living space. With its robust construction ensuring longevity and sumptuously soft upholstery promising comfort, the Monterey Armchair is a stunning addition to refined interiors.

Experience the perfect blend of firmness and softness with our medium-feel design—neither too hard nor too soft. Your friends and family will relish the just-right feel. Sink into luxurious comfort and revel in all-around seat and back support, making it an ideal choice for extended periods of relaxation.

For added comfort, a plush back cushion is included with this exceptional chair. Upgrade your interior with the Monterey Armchair—an epitome of both style and comfort.

Dimensions: W 84cm x D 77cm x H 67cm,  (88cm with the cushion)

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