Malawi 2 seater - natural

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Discover the Legacy of the Malawi Chair

Delve into the rich narrative behind our iconic Malawi Chair, a cherished emblem in the realm of interior design. Revered for its fusion of aesthetics and utility, this chair stands as a guardian of the time-honored craft of cane furniture making in Malawi, Africa. Rooted deeply in tradition, the artistry of Malawian artisans is manifested in our Malawi range, showcasing their unparalleled craftsmanship.

Each chair in our collection is meticulously woven from rattan, bound together with intricate knots—no adhesives involved. This painstaking process yields individual masterpieces, each imbued with its own distinct character, ensuring no two chairs are alike.

Crafting a Malawi chair is a laborious journey that spans months of meticulous planning and dedication. Utilizing the fibers of the Tiliaceae shrub as jute for weaving, artisans harvest, coil, and dry the long roots, sourced during the summer months. With material availability limited to approximately eight months annually, the weaving process is a testament to patience and seasonal rhythms, further enhancing the chair's allure.

Our Authentic African Malawi 2 seater will bring a Resort / Hotel vibe to your space.  Works with most decor styles from Coastal, Hamptons, Boho or even in a more formal space as a statement piece.  

Team up with a couple of the Malawi armchairs to create a comfortable sitting room.

If using outdoors, must be protected under cover and away from direct elements.  Preferably an air rated area so mould does not occur.  The Malawi chairs are very durable and will not crack or warp from heat or humidity.

Dimensions: 120cm (L) x 70cm (D) x 80cm (H) approx.

Available in natural, white or black.

Every item is meticulously crafted by skilled hands, ensuring a unique touch to each piece. Embracing the human element, slight imperfections may be present, accentuating the individuality of every creation with its own subtle distinctions.

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