Countess Licorice Lamp

$249.00 $329.00


Introducing our exquisite Countess Licorice lamp, a striking testament to luxury and sophistication. The unique crackle effect on its ceramic surface adds depth and character, elevating it to a high-end masterpiece. Its gracefully curved shape introduces a sculptural element that captures attention and infuses your space with an air of elegance, while the acrylic base adds a contemporary twist, beautifully merging classic and modern design.

This versatile lamp seamlessly complements any room in your home, whether it's the inviting living room, the cozy bedroom, the productive study, or the welcoming entrance. Its chic presence adds a touch of refinement, transforming every space into a statement of taste and style.

No matter your home's decor style, the Countess Licorice lamp effortlessly blends in, adapting to your surroundings with ease. Its 75cm height commands attention and exudes a luxurious, high-end ambiance, creating an inviting sanctuary within your living space.

Elevate your decor and experience the Countess Licorice lamp's allure, a symbol of timeless beauty and style. Its elegant design and high-end feel make it an indispensable addition, enhancing your home with sophistication and luxury that's impossible to ignore. Redefine your living space with this captivating lamp, a true embodiment of opulence.


Dimensions:  Total Height: 75H cm H

Base: 25.5Dia cm

Shade: 43Dia x 28H cm

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