Belgium Outdoor / Indoor rug - Sand



Our new Belgium Outdoor rugs are so neutral that they work in any style of home - indoors or out.  Being of excellent quality and sourced from Belgium, the finest machine-based craftsmanship keep these floor pieces looking fresh and new for longer.

They are perfect for busy indoor areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, pets, kids etc.  They are harder wearing and more luxurious than a plain jute rug.  So why not have one inside as well as outside.  

Cleaning is so easy - just use soapy water to spot clean or hose them down. 

The heat-set polypropylene composition of these floor pieces make them extremely durable - stain-resistant, non-shedding, waterproof and UV resistant. Making maintenance and up-keep simple. They will withstand any weather condition.

The simple designs and geometric patterns that feature on Outdoor rugs make for the perfect addition to any area of your home, inside or outside, and provide an heir of both luxury and comfort

Available in Grey, Ivory and Washed Natural, Sand and Black.

Available in many sizes:

80 x 150

80 x 300 

80 X 200

120 x 170

160 x 230

200 x 290

240 x 340

280 x 380 

Made in Belgium