Wicker Lamp White

$275.00 $325.00

Elevate your decor with our stunning White Wicker Lamp, the ideal choice for effortlessly evoking a beach-side ambiance while embracing the chic allure of woven textures. The cylindrical base of this lamp boasts a captivating wicker-inspired pattern, adding a touch of coastal charm to your interior.

In a crisp, bright white finish, the White Wicker Lamp is a vision of elegance, complemented by a pristine white cotton shade. This lamp is a versatile addition to any coastal-inspired home or any space adorned with a soft, light colour palette. For those seeking a nautical twist, an alternative option with a navy base and white shade is also available.

Enhance your living space with the White Wicker Lamp, basking in the soft, inviting glow it exudes. Its timeless design and coastal aesthetic make it a statement piece that seamlessly transforms any room into a soothing haven of beach-side beauty. Embrace the coastal charm and versatility of the White Wicker Lamp to create an atmosphere that reflects your refined taste and love for coastal living.

Dimensions: Total height: 64.5 cm

Material: ceramic

Color: white

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