Hawaiian - Outdoor/Indoor Cushion Cover

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Welcome to the paradise of home decor with our captivating Hawaiian Cushion Covers. Immerse yourself in the carefree essence of a tropical getaway, right within the confines of your own space. These cushion covers channel the invigorating spirit of a sun-kissed island resort, filling your surroundings with holiday vibes and a perpetual feeling of sunshine.

Transport yourself to a world of lush relaxation with our Hawaiian cushion covers. The design boasts a harmonious blend of vibrant tropical green leaves, delicate pink orchids, and cheerful touches of yellow, all set against a serene backdrop of soft grey. This tranquil combination transforms any room into a haven of tranquility, evoking the rejuvenating aura of a tropical oasis.

Don't miss the chance to create a comprehensive tropical paradise by seamlessly integrating these cushion covers with the rest of our Tropical collection. Whether it's your family room, daybed, bench seat, coy egg chair, or even your covered alfresco patio or porch, these covers find their perfect placse in your home. They effortlessly accentuate the beauty of any space, making a bold statement that echoes the splendor of nature's finest offerings.

Designed for both style and practicality, our Hawaiian Cushion Covers are recommended for use under cover. The fabric is equipped to resist stains, making maintenance a breeze. Its water-resistant nature ensures durability, while its ability to withstand 500 hours of sunlight ensures long-lasting vibrancy. With thoughtful construction and attention to detail, these cushion covers are a testament to quality and performance.

To top it all off, the captivating design graces both sides of the cushion cover, ensuring that your decor is imbued with aesthetic charm from every angle. Elevate your living space to a tropical haven with our Hawaiian Cushion Covers, where every glance brings you closer to the serenity of an island escape. Discover the joy of vibrant decor that resonates with the sun-soaked essence of Hawaiian paradise today.

Size:  50 x 50 cm

Covers only - insert not included.

Fabric sample available - please email admin@interiorcollections.com.au to request a sample.

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